3 bored PC technicians - at your service

Enough is enough. We created this small (and poorly-designed) website after receiving too many complaints from customers,
who claimed it has become a real pain to find the right driver update software, with so many options to choose from.

There are simply too many websites promoting crappy software in such a deceiving way, that if you are not a geek or someone with extra knowledge ? you are most likely to download the wrong software, and waste both precious time and $$.

Only True Product Recommendations

So here we are, a bunch of techie guys that decided to download and test all the "major" and "recommended" driver update tools, those with 5 start seals from Tucows, Softpedia, Geekfiles, etc.. and some with other types of promotional stuff - and after testing the hell out of every software, on 8 different computers, we summed up our test results and based our recommendations to you ? on this website. Now, why would we spend so many hours - testing, writing and working, just to help a few people find the best software to use?
Are we doing all that for charity reasons?. The answer is a simple no. We do get a small commission for every referral that we make,
but unlike others that shamelessly promote and recommend crappy software just to get the highest commission possible,
we at Driver Finder actually use the products we recommend on a daily basis,
and we would never give our honest recommendation if we are not positive that the product is worth our warm words.

Your Feedback is important!

We would love to hear your opinion after you tried Driver Genius on your machine. It really is a great piece of software,
but we still want to know if you have any feedback that can further improve the software in future versions.
We will pass your feedback to the owner of the software () if we find that it may be valuable.

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